Will There be a City of Ashes Movie?

Listen up Shadowhunters, there seems to be a problem. As of today, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie has grossed a total of $50 Million. This is so close to the $60 Million that was spent, but it turns out that Sony had spent another $60 Million for publicity and distribution (I’m guessing that these were spent on the Mall Tours, and also advance screenings and posters). This means that $120 million was spent.

Even though the movie hasn’t gone up to expectations domestically, the movie is yet to premiere in certain countries in the fall, which will hopefully add to the money bin. But as of right now? It’s not looking too good.



One thought on “Will There be a City of Ashes Movie?

  1. Seriously, $120 million?! That’s ridiculous! I was hearing that the movie wasn’t living up to the expectations it should have, so it wouldn’t really surprise me if a second movie was postponed or simply not made. I’d still be disappointed though.

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